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Hydrocodone is a powerful painkiller which is prescribed for injury related pain. It is an opioid which comes in the form of extended release tablet or capsule. It is used to suppress moderate to severe pain. This is achieved by blocking the receptors on nerves hence diminishing painful sensations. This drug is frequently combined with the drug acetaminophen (classified as a non-narcotic analgesic). Purchase hydrocodone online from online pill store, fast and secured order. 


Vicodin is the example of combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Apart from diminishing pain it reduces the fever because of its anti pyretic properties. The normal recommended dose of hydrocodone is one to two tablets required after every 4 to 6 hours. The prescription strength ranges typically from 2.5 to 10mg. You should not take dose above than what is prescribed to you by your doctor. Its ability to diminish moderate to severe pain thereby producing euphoric feelings is what contributes to the development of serious addiction. Order hydrocodone online and get doorstep delivery with or without prescription. 

Hydrocodone Addiction:

Many people abuse hydrocodone by crushing the pill and snort or inject it. It is very dangerous if you are not prescribed this drug. The abusers tend to mix this pill with alcohol for achieving greater high. Mixing this drug with other medicines may increase the risk of life threatening complications like sedation, coma, trouble breathing or death. Because of the serious side effects and risk of addiction, it is only prescribed only to those who really need it and do not have other options to make it under the control. Buy hydrocodone from best online pharmacy store

In case if the pain is very severe the person may take higher doses than the prescribed dose. This may lead to tolerance building over the period of time. A built up of tolerance makes it very hard to have the same effects, you once felt with one dose. Now higher dose is required to achieve the same effect which leads to addiction and dependence. The reason of hydrocodone being addictive is it relieves the pain which an individual is feeling. Additionally it produces euphoric feelings uplifting the person to a new and higher state. Such elated state is pleasurable which makes it hard to quit the drug once the effects go off. 

Higher dose of hydrocodone may affect different people in different ways. One more tablet than actually prescribed may cause spiraling effect of symptoms from nausea to drowsiness. So take this drug in prescribed doses only for the limited time period under close medical supervision. Buy Hydrocodone from the best and authentic pharmacy store. 

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